My Darling Mother

A little poem in honour of Remembrance Sunday,  based on a letter from Wilfred Owen to his mother. This was actually supposed to be my sister’s homework but I got a bit carried away when I was ‘helping’ her.   

My darling mother laboured to create a man,

But from this world, an angel will depart, 

Donning a smile, with nerves in perfect order, 

Prepared to rejoice in song with the larks. 

Crimson christens the shoulder blades where wings will form, 

My earthly functions are lost to the mud, 

Shroud me with prayers; in darkness I will ascend, 

Wearing a military cross, crusted with blood. 

By Tyler Turner 


Fighting Fascism: Discussion not Censorship 

Post by Tyler Turner. 

The BBC’s decision to air a pre-recorded interview with Marine Le Pen – the leader of the French National Front – on the Andrew Marr Show this morning has unsurprising proved to be a controversial one. 

Given that it is Remembrance Sunday – a day dedicated to the mourning of the lives lost in the fight against fascism – many have taken offence and consider the interview to be granting fascists an undeserved platform. 

Perhaps the timing was a little off – in many ways the discontent of the left is perfectly justified – but given the current political climate in the wake of Brexit and the Trump victory, we have to face the prospects of people with political stances like that of Marine Le Pen being successful elsewhere.  

Personally, I do not think the interview legitimises fascism – it faces it head on. We as people have a right to know what we are up against and censorship will not benefit anyone except the very people it aims to silence. Discussion is an imperative weapon in this battle since it is a lack of communication that has enable such nightmarish scenarios to become realities. 

If anything, these circumstances are good in that they give us a clear common enemy. Now, instead of succumbing to despair and exasperating internal conflicts, the left needs to stand in solidarity and push back against the fascist threat.