The Haxans Release Second Single ‘Party Monster’

the haxans

Article written by Tyler Turner. 

The Haxans – the collaborative project of Ash Costello (New Years Day) and Matt Montgomery (Rob Zombie) – have just premiered their brand new song ‘Party Monster’, and it’s to kill for.


The song comes just over a week after the release of the duo’s debut ‘Chains’ – an infectiously dark number which received plenty of positive feedback from fans. Already, surfing through the waves of adoring comments on the latest video, it looks as though this new release is set to be rewarded with the same high praise.


‘Party Monster’ is a concoction of melodic-darkness and dirty-glamorousness that can provoke those Halloween party vibes whatever the time of year.  It’s a contagiously dance-y track, riddled with power and delivered with attitude. Costello describes The Haxans as being ‘like a ‘70s spook-show club dance party’ and really, it doesn’t get much more accurate than that.


Montgomery and Costello are like the Gomez and Morticia Addams of goth-pop – in appearance and musical chemistry. What we’ve heard from them so far showcases a perfect blend of their styles, as should be the case with any good collaboration, leaving us itching to hear more from the pair.


Check out ‘Party Monster’ here.


The Haxans’ debut album is due for release in January 2017.


War Child

Welcome to the bomb shelter capital of the world,

Where blood spills from pushchairs and christens carpets,

And where those left behind are the same as the dead,

Where fear, death and siege is what we preach,

And where tombstones and rubble replace our beds.

Our playgrounds are shell-scarred and littered with shrapnel,

Games are limited to hide-and-seek with gunmen,

Books are charred and teddy bears are stuffed full of dust,

History, strength and power can never re-flower,

While our souls lay broken, succumbing to rust.

My mother raises one and gives another to the ground,

Her tears are never permitted the chance to dry,

Flowers stem from the soil where my brother fell,

Adult tears extinguish childhood fears,

While my father’s cry drones on, numbly as a knell.

Rockets pierced through our protective shell of youth,

In peace time, we reclaim a little of what was stolen,

We rejoice with the demons of our childhood,

Fear and hostility gives way to tranquillity,

Though our innocence is dead, drowned in blood.

By Tyler Turner