HUNCK ‘Never Had a Dream EP’ – REVIEW

Listening to London’s own HUNCK is somewhat similar to a religious experience. When you listen to their music, you experience it through your entire body. Their sound is so clean and airy that after just one listen you feel as if your senses have been purified, and each song on their recently released ‘Never Had a Dream EP’ plays like a breath of fresh air.

They kick start their short psychedelic adventure with the track ‘I’ll Wait’ which sets the tone for the whole EP and reels you in with a contagiously catchy intro. It quickly becomes clear that they’ve taken a leaf out of Morrissey’s book when it comes to coupling bleak lyrics with upbeat melodies, and they carry it out just as nicely. Despite this, the music has a way of making you feel calm and content, as if all of life’s stresses are set aside during the moments that the songs are playing.

‘Up In The Sky’ trundles on like a journey. Its slick, sophisticated sound provides it with a vibe that is almost prophetic, as if it carries a message of grave importance. Self-degrading lyrics such as ‘I am a loser I guess it’s true, sooner or later you’ll see it too’ are vocalised in such a suave manner that you can’t help but doubt the truth behind them.

It’s clear to see why HUNCK chose ‘Never Had a Dream’ as their naming track. The infectious opening riff instantly transports you to one of those summer nights which everyone longs for. The cool vocals and spacious instrumentation creates the feeling of being floaty and free. Their ever present use of synthesisers, wavy guitars and echo-y vocals creates a sleepy psychedelic aura that wouldn’t sound out of place at a music festival.

They close the EP with ‘So Far So Deep’, which is probably the song where the melody best matches the tone of the lyrics. Musically, the track sounds slightly more melancholic than the others, though not any less groovy. You can really feel the bass in your bones during this track, and the backing vocals have an ethereal feel to them which makes it seem as though you are listening to the track whilst in a spiritual trance.

As the EP comes to a close, you feel as though you are waking from the most pleasant of dreams. ‘Never Had a Dream’ has a unique way of leaving you feeling refreshed and energised, which can only be a good thing. HUNCK may have never had a dream, but they are brilliant at creating them for their listeners.

‘Never Had a Dream EP’ is out now via the band’s bandcamp.