Andy Ruddy ‘Everything is in Order’ – ALBUM REVIEW

An artist whose music is both original and thought-provoking is arguably quite difficult to find within the mainstream. Unfortunately, when such artists do come about, they often slip beneath the radar due to them not being constantly looped on every radio station. One such artist is Bradford born singer-songwriter Andy Ruddy, whose recently released debut album ‘Everything Is In Order’ is a breath of fresh air in a currently dance dominated musical culture.

Not being one to confine to the mainstream or succumb to the limitations often faced within the music industry, Ruddy has developed his own unique style and a flare that is deserving of much more attention. Many may consider it a bold move to produce an indie/folk album when the market demands such contrasting genres, but it is this faith and devotion to music that many artists unfortunately lack, and is what makes Ruddy stand out in the pool of up and coming musicians.

‘Everything Is In Order’ is the follow-up to the ‘On This Great Day’ EP which was released in 2014. Although two of the songs from the EP are featured on the album, there is a notable sense of maturity in Ruddy’s progression as a song-writer. More of the ambitious youthful tones found in the EP are present in the first half of the album, but as the tracks progress, Ruddy delves deeper into the themes of melancholia and nostalgia which provide the album with its mature and sophisticated air.

Personally, I find that acoustic based albums often run the risk of having every song blur into one, though this is definitely not the case with ‘Everything is in Order’. Each song has its own personality and offers an interesting insight into the mind of Ruddy. The chronological progression symbolises Ruddy’s growth both as a person and as a musician. His lyrics flow like words from a journal, and paired with the soft northern vocals they create a sense of reality, making them incredibly relatable and comforting while at the same time remaining intensely personal.

While listening, it is difficult to imagine yourself anywhere other than beside Ruddy as he carries us along on his lyrical journey. His storytelling abilities do not end with his words – Ruddy does not simply play the guitar; he provides it with its own voice and allows it to sing. Each note strikes a chord within the listener. The riffs are whimsical and enchanting without being obnoxious or overly complicated.

It is clear to see that Andy Ruddy’s work is fuelled solely by a passion for the art, and it is this inspiring self-motivation and determination that will undoubtedly win him countless adoring fans. He is definitely one that should be kept in mind during 2016 as his career is bound to blossom.

‘Everything Is In Order’ is available now.andy ryddy


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