Weighted // Frank Iero Review

Weighted, the track we have waited so long to hear from ex My Chemical Romance guitarist Frank Iero, was definitely worth the wait.

After Joyriding, Weighted is the second track to have been unleashed upon us from Iero’s highly anticipated upcoming album Stomachaches.

Frank Iero and the Cellebration album art

Frank Iero and the Cellebration album art

I, along with many other adoring fans, stayed up into the early hours of the morning with match sticks in my eyes just to catch the first playing of the song on the Daniel P Carter show on BBC Radio1. Fan or not, the DJ’s taunts and teases were enough to drive anyone mad with anticipation and he even stated himself that he was very ‘exited’ about this track. So exited, in fact, that he felt one play didn’t quite do it justice and that a repeat was necessary!

Within the opening few seconds of the song I was confident to confirm that it wasn’t likely to disappoint. With the perfect balance of distorted tones, grungy vocals and an increasingly upbeat tempo, Iero has managed to conjure up a refreshing new and invigorating sound capable of attracting a whole new audience whilst still gripping firmly onto the old.

The dominance of the bass forces the listener to physically feel the music, creating a very full, wholehearted  experience. You can feel the passion pouring out of it from the very beginning and right through till the 257th second. It’s definitely the kind of song you should be playing on MAX volume, and if you can hear the neighbours banging on the wall begging you to turn it down then you obviously aren’t playing it loud enough!

Frank has done his fans proud on this one. Social networking sites such as Twitter were buzzing with positive feed back, it was impossible to look anywhere without seeing something that included the words ‘Frank’, ‘Weighted’ or something along the lines of  ‘OMG I LOVE YOU!!!!’ followed shortly by some undecipherable keyboard bashing. When I asked long term Frank fan Jayne Slater for her opinion, she stated: “It has a grunge feel that is unique to Frank, it really separates him from the masses.”

Stomachaches available August 15th, 2014.

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